Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunday, March 28, 1926

No diary entry today, but some more info on Elizabeth Campbell, from Aunt Marjorie.

"My brothers sometimes liked to tease our Grandmother Campbell. One summer day a girl wearing shorts (not too common in the 30's) passed the house and Grandmother commented, 'There's a naked girl going down the street!' The boys, with exaggeration, ran to the window and cried 'Where - where?'. Grandmother didn't approve of the way girls dressed, however when I badly wanted a bathing suit to go swimming with school friends, she gave money to Mother to buy me a suit, in June, in advance of my October birthday".

Does any generation approve of the way the next generation dresses?

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  1. I guess I dressed ok since I dont' remender her commenting on my clothes. She had her dresses made for her, and when one wore out she had another made. It was a deep maroon color, light weight wool, high neck & long sleeves. I don't remember ever seeing her in anything else. She always wore the same style shoes also - black, with laces and heels about 1 1/2 inches high. At least she didn't have to made a decision on what to wear