Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thursday, March 25 ,1926

Thursday, March 25, 1926

I was real disappointed in not getting my mending done today. Mama came over and I had so many little things to do and she usually puts in part of the time although she is slow at sewing and doesn’t accomplish much but every little bit helps – buttons to sew on – patches, etc. but she never put on a thimble, but sat and talked and watched me – so unlike her who always wants to help. Collins’ came over in the evening and talked roofing after prayer meeting till almost midnight. I think Ned has been writing with my pen.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Collins must have gone to church for the Thursday night service. John Collins was a contractor, so he must have had his work in mind. Collins' must have been night owls, which usually my parents were not. By the time I remember, Collins had moved from Rural St. but were still in our school district and came to visit from time to time. Even later they moved several blocks west of us, and I used to walk to thier house to borrow "The Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue" and other books their kids had outgrown."

It doesn't necessarily relate to today's diary entry, but I did publish a new picture of Grandma as a toddler with her three brothers. Click here to see it.)

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  1. People no longer just drop in. I probably wouldn't care to have drop-ins now, although when my kids were much much younger it was something people still did.