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Saturday, July 24, 1926

Saturday, July 24, 1926

Papa got a letter by air mail that Doc Denny was dead and would be buried at Fort Recovery next Tuesday so he decided to go to the funeral. Mama is in Elwood so he called me up to get me to tell him to go I guess. Gilbert took the day off and sat around and read all day. Albert went with Dick on his news route.

(Air mail letters, that something we don't have today. I wonder when the last air mail letter was sent? According to this site, the post office eliminated domestic air mail in 1975 because at that point, all mail was sent by the fastest route. It must have been cause for excitement to get an air mail letter back in the 1920's, or maybe dread if they usually contained bad news.

Doc Denney refers to James Denney, who like Grandma's father, Rolla Campbell, was from Ft. Recovery, Ohio. They were room mates when they attended medical school in Cincinnati. At one time, Doc Denney corresponded with "Lizzie" Jordan, but then later suggested Rolla write to her and he would write to another girl, Emma Creary, who Rolla had been corresponding with. Once Rolla started to write to Lizzie, Doc Denney wanted to trade back, but it was too late, Rolla and Lizzie eventually got married, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"Mama" would have been visiting Grandma's brother Bur and his wife Ethel in Elwood. They had one son, Harry Wilbur, born in April 1916.)

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  1. I wonder who Doc Denney married? Did they ever wonder what their life would have been like if they had married the other person? Air mail must have been brand new then. I still remember as a child running outside to watch an airplane fly by as they weren't quite that common then