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Thursday, July 29, 1926

Thursday, July 29, 1926
Pleasantly cool

Gilbert went to the plant at noon to get his pay. I put in most of the day mending. Mable called me twice to find out what I knew of Winifred’s whereabouts. She is in the habit of letting her know every move she makes and as Harry and she went to Brownsburg to see Guys with out telling her and she found out Winifred was gone all day – she didn’t know where except that Mama was not with her, she was frantic. I felt sorry for her but was not at liberty to tell her anything as Harry didn’t want her to know she was here. However she went out to Mama’s and found out.

(Clearly, Mable and Harry had separated at this point and based on the diary entry from July 12, Mable is staying with someone named Attilla. Aunt Marjorie wrote me several days ago and provided more information...

"Attilla was Aunt Mable's sister. After Aunt Mable married Carl Lout (Mable and Harry were divorced at some point) they bought a home next to Attilla's on University Avenue in Indianapolis. Carl's son was Howard who stayed in that house for years after Carl died. Howard and his wife (and a son) took care of Aunt Mable until she died at age, I believe, of 104 years. Carl had built a studio at the back of their lot for his accounting business. Howard redecorated that studio for Aunt Mable's use. We visited her there once, and I remember how cozy and attractive it was.

According to Mother's family history, Uncle Harry was born 09-23-1883, and married Mable Jones, who had been his high school sweetheart in Irvington, on the east side of Indianapolis. I presume Aunt Mable was born near 1883, so I calculate she died about 1987.

Winifred came to town for the funeral, and on a Sunday afternoon before the Monday funeral, Onarga (another cousin), Winifred, and I had a very pleasant 2 hour reunion at the mortuary. If I remember right, Winifred was killed in an auto accident near her home in Florida, near her sons' homes a few months later after her mother died. A couple of weeks later, Howard phoned me to tell me Winifred had died, and that another car had crossed the road and hit her. She was alone and died instantly.

I met Howard when visiting Winifred and Aunt Mable when I was an early teenager, and I calculate him to be at that time a late teenager, so he would be pretty old if living now. I can't find any Lout's in the phone book. I'm not sure if I spelled it right.

Why would anyone name a baby girl Attilla?"

That's a lot more than we knew before about Aunt Mable and Winifred and what happend to them!)

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  1. What I had been told was part of the reason for Harry & Mabel's breakup was that she claimed to always to be ill when it suited her & she didn't want to do something (like work). For someone who was always sick, she lived to be a ripe old age. (I also remember she had a phobia about germs so didn't like to touch things)