Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thursday, July 22, 1926

Thursday, July 22, 1926

Gilbert stayed home and nursed a pair of sunburned shoulders he got Tuesday. They look like they were cooked and they hurt so he could hardly sleep last night. He started to the office at noon but his shirt hurt him so he decided to make it a whole day off. He is not as anxious to swim as he was. Dale went to the library and Harry Doyle was very inquisitive about the trip, books, etc. It seems he knows nothing about going to the library. Marjorie got on to pushing her self backward in her Taylor Tot.

(I guess they didn't have sunscreen in the 1920's. And I guess not all kids went to the library or knew about it! Grandma read a lot and she wrote several times about the boys all reading.)

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  1. We always read & still do. I remember my girlfriend's mother stating that reading stories was a waste of time. How short-sighted and untrue. Swimming was the one athletic event my father enjoyed. Too bad he got burned doing what he enjoyed. I'm surprised Grandpa the doctor didn't have a remedy for him