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Thursday, July 8, 1926

Thursday, July 8, 1926

Managed to get some sewing done by letting the house go. The boys all got together and made a dam down at the creek and had a swimming hole. They think they are great swimmers. Take their bathing suits and have a great time. I hardly saw them today.

(I'm still amazed at the amount of freedom the older boys had, to go to the park where the creek was and dam it up to great their own little swimming hole. I suspect the water was not all that clean, even though we think that there wasn't pollution "back then".)

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  1. The creek water the boys played in was not very deep nor did it 'run' so it was always stagnent. But I used to play 'at' the creek, not 'in' it. I would go stone to stone down the creek. But I guess at that age when you're hot & having fun you don't notice a little stinky aroma.