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Saturday, July 3, 1926

Saturday, July 3, 1926

The boys bought another News route of 28 customers of a boy named Virgil Dove. Paid 10 cents a customer, but found there were really only 27 customers and the boy was behind and owed the news man about $1.25 more than he told Dale. But at that, the route was cheap and although Dale was disgusted that a boy should be so lax about paying for his papers he said “Well, I’ll bet when I get paid up once I’ll never fall behind like that.” And I’ll bet he won’t either. He takes the new route and leaves Dick the one of 18 customers.

(Sounds like Dale showed signs early on of having a talent for running a business.

I didn't realize newspaper routes were bought and sold like that. Today, around here, there are no young boys (or girls) delivering papers. It is all adults.)

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  1. Dale was a good business man, even as a child