Friday, July 13, 2007

Tuesday, July 13, 1926

Tuesday, July 13, 1926
Cool and rainy
Miss Dunlea had a fire. I saw the smoke. It was bad in the morning but had cleared by noon and I took the little ones and went to Mama’s and left the two oldest boys to come after they had carried their papers. That way we got to see Papa. Had a good supper and enjoyed a little visit without the boys fussing about what to do.

(Miss Dunlea was the neighbor next door. I assume the fire was perhaps a brush fire and not a house fire!. You can read more about Miss Dunlea on this post.)

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  1. I was too young to remember much about Miss Dunlea except I think I was kind of afraid of her. I don't think she tolerated small children on her property and she wasn't too friendly. I was told a newspaper boy noticed her papers were left on the porch so he told his mother & she called the police. They found her still alive, but she had had a stroke & died soon after (she lay there about 3-4 days). So it pays to be friendly with your neighbors so they'll miss you. Sad story.