Friday, July 20, 2007

Tuesday, July 20, 1926

Tuesday, July 20, 1926

Georgia was to have come today but it is too hot for her. It is just as well for me as I had to iron. I didn’t get it touched although I hoped to get it all done yesterday. Marjorie was fretful, and I had uphill business to work at all. Gilbert took the day off and took the boys this morning to the 26th St. bathing beach. Got home in time to carry their papers. They report a fine time and plan to go again soon.

(Ironing continued to be a focus for Grandma. I am much more appreciative of the fabrics we have today, which don't need to be ironed, after reading Grandma's diary. I wore a cotton blouse today that never needs to be ironed, and just will not wrinkle. Grandma would not believe it.)

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  1. I know some people even today who press their clothes even tho the fabric doesn't need it. (they need to get a life)