Monday, June 12, 2006

Friday, June 12, 1925

Friday, June 12, 1925

The last day at school. Dale got first prize again for having the most 100’s in the room for the term. Dick came in third for his room. Albert took a little worse this PM. His fever came up and he lay so quiet again. Poor little soul, I’m afraid this will get the best of him yet.

(School obviously went much later in the spring in 1925, and I would guess they didn't go back until after Labor Day in the fall. I think all of Grandma's children did well academically, and that certainly carried over to their adult lives. Three of her four sons went on to become college professors, in philosphy (Dick), theology (Albert) and geology (Ned) and Dale was a successful business man.

So, Albert's illness continued. I am guessing that he missed most of the last 6 weeks of schools being sick like he was. Hopefully, summer and warmer weather helped him get better!)

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  1. I'm still curious as to why the girls did not go to college.