Friday, June 23, 2006

Tuesday, June 23, 1925

Tuesday, June 23, 1925

Gilbert picked cherries and I seeded all day. Dale is almost all right now. No fever but a little swelling in his tonsils.

(Sounds like they enjoyed a quiet day, and all were a bit better.

More info on Gilbert, who is not mentioned all that often in Grandma's diaries, even though he is her husband. Gilbert's father was a farmer and it was thought that Gilbert, who was the youngest child and the only son, would grow up to help his father farm. But, when Gilbert was 5 he became ill and was confined to his bed with what the doctor called "white swelling" in the thigh bone on his left side. The thigh bone that was affected did not grow as much as the other thigh, and so he used a crutch and then later a cane to walk, because his left leg was always shorter than his right leg. Because of his illness, he didn't start school until he was 8 years old! As an adult he wore shoes with the left heel built up to compensate for his left leg being shorter, and then he still walked with a limp. His father sold the farm when he realized he would not have anyone to help him, and they moved around a few times before settling in Crawfordsville. In spite of his leg problems, Gilbert was a very good swimmer and once saved another boy from drowning.

So, I am guessing that it was not easy for Gilbert to take on chores like picking cherries, which might have involved several trips up and down a ladder.

I will post a picture of Gilbert on
Grandma's Pictures in the near future.)

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  1. Sister with the homestead7:18 PM, June 23, 2006

    I like the background info. I never knew all of that about him.