Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thursday, June 25, 1925

Thursday, June 25, 1925

Gilbert and I washed and then between showers he picked more cherries. Dick not very sick but fever in the PM and his glands behind the ears both swelled. Mama came over and helped seed cherries. Albert some better. No fever but the gland still swollen. He is awfully cross these days.

(Their focus at this time seemed to be on the cherries. When fruit is ripe, it's ripe and no waiting or restomg until you've harvested, I guess, even if you've been sick. Grandma had written a while back that they had intended to go "to the country" when Gilbert was on vacation, so how would they have gotten to the cherries if they had gone on their trip? Seems like Gilbert spent his whole vacation picking cherries!)

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