Sunday, June 11, 2006

Thursday, June 11, 1925

Thursday, June 11, 1925

Dale’s foot better but he decided not to go barefooted for a while. Ned is improving, others can notice who are not with him so constantly. I can hardly notice a change. Cut out the nighties after the kiddies were in bed. Gilbert ordered a big ladder to get the cherries with. Albert helped pick and played with the boys in the garage.

(Grandma hadn't written too much about Dale, the oldest, or for that matter Dick, for awhile. It seemed her energies and thoughts were focused on Albert who was sick for so long, and then Ned, who also was sick. I am relieved to read that they began to improve after so long being ill.

She wrote a while ago that the boys went barefoot a lot in the warmer weather. I'm sure this did result in more foot ailments, such as the sore on Dale's foot.)

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