Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thursday, June 18, 1925

Thursday, June 18, 1925

It rains every night and they are so long and miserable. Three of us pretty sick . Thank goodness Ned is so much better, almost himself again. Mama came out again, too. Oh my head! My eye poulticed shut.

(I actually think rain at night is a good thing and much better than rain during the day. Grandma had complained earlier that her mother (Mama) never seemed to be around when she really needed help, but it seems she was there this time.

As I wrote yesterday, I'd like to move on from all this sickness, lest I lose some people's interest, but you can't make up real life, you just have to keep going with it. It does get better for them, I promise!)


  1. Hello Carol,

    I clicked on one of your comments on another garden blog and was happy to arrive at your garden journal, which was very cool - then realized you had this one, too. I am also a gardener/amateur genealogist, so spending too much time reading both blogs is very tempting, but I'd better pace myself and make repeat visits!

    In 1925, both of my grandmothers were also married with children, but in Chicago. One was in a house, the other in an apartment, not too far away from your family in today's miles. Lucky you! We have a few letters but nothing so spectacular as this diary.

    In one of your entries you talked about the laundry rinse water, and I wonder if your grandmother's machine worked like the one my mom remembers. She told me that the rinse water was pumped into a reservoir, then siphoned back in to the washtub with soap added to wash the next later load... also I think they started by laundering the cleaner, nicer articles of clothing, then working through the loads and ending with the mucky denims.

    After looking at the photo of Ruth's house, I have a guess about your June 18th post - maybe the evening rain was unwelcome since the windows had to be closed, making it unbearably stuffy? My mom's house had big overhangs which let you keep the windows open unless a storm blew the rain sideways, but this house would let rain with even a small angle hit the windows.

    Thanks for sharing these historical notes, and for letting us remember the kind of life our grandmothers lived.


  2. Thanks for the comment. I think you are right about both the washer and the windows! I learn more about my grandmother from these diaries every day. I am glad you found them.