Friday, June 16, 2006

Tuesday, June 16, 1925

Tuesday, June 16, 1925

The soreness in my throat has traveled back to my glands under my ears. Felt awfully bum, all day. Seeded cherries most of the time. Had an electrical storm this PM and had to lie down with Albert. It was not as bad as last night’s however which was as severe as they make them, seems to me and we were both too nervous to sleep.

(Even when sick, Grandma didn't stop working. She had cherries to seed, and I'm sure they wouldn't keep. I don't know what kind of refrigeration they had, so I called Mom. Mom said they had a wooden ice box and when they needed an ice block, Grandma put a card in the window and the ice man would drive by each day, and if he saw the card, he would stop there and deliver whatever they needed, either a 25 pound block or a 50 pound block of ice. Mom said that's what they had until the late 30's or early 40's when they got an old used refrigerator with the coils on top. She remembers standing around the back of the ice truck and getting the chips of ice left when the ice man broke off the blocks of ice.)

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