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Friday, June 18, 1926

Friday, June 18, 1926

Still tired and my arms arched from holding Marjorie 6 hours Wednesday. Besides wearing my good shoes makes my foot hurt so badly. Pains run through that toe I hurt last winter till I can hardly stand it. The boys made a dam at the creek and think they really can swim. They are crazy to show Daddy.

(I think Grandma suffered with poor feet most of her life.

In her family history, Grandma wrote that Gilbert (Daddy) was a very good swimmer, in spite of having one leg shorter than the other. He swam well enough to once save another boy from drowning. Several times she mentions him taking the boys swimming; I think it was one sport he could participate in with them.)

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "The creek was two blocks away and runs thorugh Brookside Park and Spades Park, split by Rural Street over the bridge. When I was young, one of the Hildebrandt kids got typhoid fever by taking a drink out of that creek."

Yuck, seems like they had water pollution even back then. I suspect that raw sewage might have been dumped into those creeks. Still today in Indianapolis, if there are a lot of storms, the sewers can overflow into the creeks. They are working to correct that!)

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  1. I used to play in the creeks too but I never drank any of the water. It always had a certain odor & I don't recall getting too wet in it. It was just fun to cross over on the rocks & climb the banks, and I don't think it was very deep.