Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monday, June 28, 1926

Monday, June 28, 1926

Mama had a few cherries on her little trees which she picked this AM and afternoon started down town to get an electric treatment for her rheumatism, which still bothers her left hand and wrist, when she caught her heel on the step and fell injuring her right hand and bruising her shoulder and hip. She went on to town later and got her treatment which she needed worse than ever. Her wrist was sprained I guess. Swelled up a lot. I washed.

(I wonder what the electric treatments were like?)

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  1. I'm not positive but I think the 'treatment' was a vibrator, of course run by electricity. These days there are many vibrators made for home use, so you no longer need to go to a doctor for 'treatments'