Monday, June 04, 2007

Friday, June 4, 1926

Friday, June 4, 1926

Cleaned house all day. Mama came over. She was too cold at home without a fire. She brought some beautiful flowers out of her yard. Got a letter from Nell. She says the babies have improved since she took my advice that Papa sent. I do hope the little darlings will thrive now. She says they hardly seem like the same babies. I think those same looking babies couldn’t survive the summer unless they pick up.

(I can't imagine being too cold in June. Remember earlier how Grandma visited Nell's twins and they were doing poorly? I guess her suggestions helped them out. Both are still living today.)

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  1. It can get cold in June. Take today for instance, it a chilly 64 degrees. But what I will do is put on a sweatshirt. I guess back then they didn't have sweatshirts, especially for women.