Monday, June 25, 2007

Friday, June 25, 1926

No diary entry again today. I checked Grandma's diary entry from a year ago and they were picking and seeding cherries. Dick was sick at the time, and Albert was still recovering from the "glandular fever" that he had for so long. I assume they were working on cherries again this year.

Someone commented asking what was my favorite memory of Grandma. I guess it would be going over there on Sunday afternoons and picking Lily of the Valley flowers or being upstairs discovering all kinds of old things hidden away. Sometimes we would get to play the old record player, an Edison, that you had to crank by hand. What I wish now is that Grandma would have still had a piano so we could have heard her play it. Until I read these diaries, I did not know she ever played the piano.

I also liked to go in her backyard with her and see the old "cigar tree", which I now know was a Catalpa tree, and the remnants of a little fish pond nearby.


  1. I read in one of the earlier entries that Ruth had wished she could go places. Did she get to travel in her later years? If so, was there any particular place she really enjoyed visiting?

  2. When Albert graduated from Harvard she was able to go to that event. Also, after WW2 Dale had relocated in California. In 1948 she & I took the Silver Streak (train) to California. We stoppped in L.A. to visit Albert who was then with the Jesuits in L.A. We then took the train to Modesto where Dale lived with his 2 yr old son Steve & wife. I spent a week & Mother spent 2 weeks visiting & going to Yosemite Natl. Park camping. I came home alone after a week & she stayed an extra week. Quite a few times Dale would sent her the tickets to go out & visit after that. While there the mystery of her coffee came to light. Her's always tasted different & no one knew why until her visit there, where the taste of their coffee turned into her coffee. Since she was usually up first she would start the morning coffee. But instead of starting over with a clean pot & fresh water & grounds, she would just add new grounds & more water in the pot with the left -over coffee from the day before. This was her way of saving money, but it sure resulted in strange coffee flavors. As far as I know she never changed her method of making "fresh coffee". She also was ablt to visit the other children in their homes in Louisville & Bloomington & Lafayette. So she was able to go places when her children were grown.