Friday, June 08, 2007

Tuesday, June 8, 1926

Tuesday, June 8, 1926

Washed and that was about all - my pep was gone after I had done that. Put Marjorie’s first colored romper on her. A pretty light blue of Ned's. It made her look awfully sweet. She doesn’t crawl yet but reaches so far she scoots over some way. I have to watch her on the porch. I put her on a rug but she gets off of it and gets awfully dirty.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Ah ha! I did wear some of Ned's cast-off clothes! According to my memory, Mother wouldn't let me wear slacks or pants when girls started wearing slacks. She always said she had enough boys and wanted me to be a girl. She eventually succumbed to the pressure of style, however.)

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  1. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I probably got all of Marjories' hand-me-downs, at least those she didn't wear out. I also suspect that one pair of long stockings I wore had belonged to one of the boys. At least I remember not wanting to wear them because people would think I was a boy (even tho I had long blonde curls at that time, I ended up as a brunette).