Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saturday, June 26, 1926

Grandma resumed writing in her diary on the 27th.

I think from reading past Saturday entries in her diaries, that Saturdays were particularly busy, getting everyone cleaned up for church and also straightening up the house in case they had any family or friends stop by on Sunday.


  1. If I remember right we were always cleaning on Saturday, so much so I vowed that when I had my own house I would clean Mon thru Fri & keep the weekends free. But of course I found out that when you have little children every day is cleaning day.

  2. We always cleaned on Saturdays too and I think it goes back to the times when there were no TV's, and all the activities that everyone goes to, so on Saturday night families went to visit a neighboring family. Your grandmother always said if you did not go to your neighbor's then they would be at your house. They would have "pound parties". Everyone would bring a pound of something and put it together for the food. The kids would play, the women in one room and the men in another. I am sure this is why neighbors were so close. They put planks on buckets and that provided the seating if it was a large group.

  3. sister with the homestead1:42 PM, June 26, 2007

    I remember, Eleanor, that as your daughter, I was made to clean EVERY Saturday growing up. Saturday was ALWAYS the day you made us clean our rooms. So, now, what were you saying about not turning Saturday into cleaning day? LOL!