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Sunday, June 6, 1926

Sunday, June 6, 1926

Children’s day at Sunday school. Got them all ready but it rained so I didn’t think best to take them and risk their getting wet as Marjorie woke up hoarse this morning and I wouldn’t make her worse for anything. Then when it was too late it stopped raining and I was sorry I didn’t take them. However Gilbert stayed home and I went to church. Enjoyed the sermon but can’t get used to the fact that the minister is a stranger. He doesn’t know me at all although I have been introduced twice.

(They did not have a car, so had to rely on walking or buses or streetcars to go anywhere. Occasionally, a neighbor with a car, like Collins, would give them a ride. I'm sure it took a lot of effort to get everyone to church each week.)

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  1. We used to walk 2 blocks to get the trolly to get to church, and if we were lucky Mr & Mrs Wolfe would drive by and pick us up. Otherwise, we still had about a 4 block walk after we got off the trolly. At the time, taking the bus or trolly and walking everywhere was just a fact of life