Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February 14, 1925

Saturday, February 14, 1925
The boys got lots of Valentine’s yesterday at school but none today except from the Collins children. Mrs. C and Marianna were a little while this PM. Otherwise the day was uneventful. I got so sleepy and tired after lunch I had to lie down a while. Had a dull headache all day and could hardly navigate.

(After some discussion with other family members, we believe that Ruth's issues with dull headaches and feeling tired might be related to the coke furnance they used to heat the house. We suspect it didn't function well and was a source of a lot of what we would consider 'indoor air pollution'. In other words, we wonder if she wasn't breathing in a lot of carbon monoxide all day long! The Collins family lived across the street and had a car, where as the Smith's did not, so they often gave them rides. I assume Mrs. C refers to Mrs. Collins and Marianna was one of her children. )

(Apparently, the tradition of handing out valentines in school goes back along way!)

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