Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Friday, February 13, 1925

Friday, February 13, 1925

Worked with the fire all morning as it nearly went out. Albert took all morning to go to the store as he was afraid of dogs. Went to beauty shop after noon and had my hair trimmed and curled and took all the boys to the class banquet at the church. Had a nice supper and good entertainment and enjoyed the evening very much. The boys were good and we were proud of them and received many nice compliments.

(I believe they heated the house with a coke furnace that they did have to tend to frequently. Albert is about 5 years old when she sent him to the store, which was about 2 blocks or so away. Unheard of today to send a child so young out on their own like that, but appareantly okay in 1925! Attending functions at their church (Central Christian Church) was a big part of their social life.)

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