Friday, February 24, 2006

Tuesday, February 24, 1925

Tuesday, February 24, 1925

Mama came over so I didn’t get much done. Cut out the boys waists, ironed a little and mended while she talked. It seems I can’t make any headway at real work with someone talking to me all the time. It is a strain to hear any more and I can’t pay close enough attention while doing anything that takes thought.

(Remember, "waists" are shirts. There are several references to Ruth not being able to do much when her mother (Mama) comes by for a visit, even though she comes over to "help". I don't recall Ruth being hard of hearing later in life, so not sure why she has to strain to listen. After several diary entries, you get the idea that on most days there is something to do to keep the family clothed. Either washing, or ironing (seems like everything had to be ironed!) or mending... constant mending with 4 boys running around.)

(02/26/06 - Correction on the hearing. Eleanor, Ruth's youngest child, read this and called to tell me that Ruth did have trouble hearing with her right ear. She always tried to sit on the right side of the church to be sure she heard the sermon and when she talked to people she would try to be where they were mostly talking into her left ear.)

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  1. Hi new reader here! Anyways I think maybe it was mental tiredness if you know what I mean. I think this lady was depressed and found it hard to concentrate on the conversations. Although it could be, like your update said "hard of hearing".