Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Saturday, February 28, 1925

Saturday, February 28, 1925

Well, I guess I have conquered coffee once again. I hope I never get into the habit again. Today I felt fine and didn’t have a headache. I can’t see where all the time goes on Saturdays, I always clean up the house and the beds and although Dale bathes himself now it seems an endless job bathing the others and if I do any baking or finish up sewing it is a nerve racking day.

(Where does the time go? It appears that Saturday was "bath day" for the Smith's. I can't imagine that they bathed every day as we do today. I wonder what was nerve racking for her? Just trying to get it all done, I suppose, much like today.)

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  1. Fixing meals for such a large family would make me tired and depressed. Yet, Ruth never mentions cooking the meals and doing all the clean up afterwards. I would love to know more about what she cooked and served her growing children.