Thursday, February 23, 2006

Monday, February 23, 1925

Monday, February 23, 1925

Washed today, but that was about all. Felt tired and weak for all my good rest yesterday. Had to go to the store for Gilbert so got the boys waists to make. Ned is beginning to try to talk now. Called Albert today with me. Has called Dale for a long time. Says “all dirty” when his hands are soiled and wants them washed pronto. Real nasty nice about it.

("Waists" is what Ruth calls shirts. She made most of the clothes that the boys wore, along with shirts for Gilbert. She is struggling with fatigue, because she is pregnant at this time.

More insight into what the boys grew up to become... Ned was a professor of geology at Purdue University. In the summers, he led groups of students on field study out west. I'm sure he got his hands dirty then!)

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