Monday, February 27, 2006

Friday, February 27, 1925

Friday, February 27, 1925

Had a headache and felt bum all day. Gilbert went to N. Y. store to see the rugs and insisted that I go down and pick a couple out, so I did after the boys got home. They were almost sold out, but got a couple that just filled the bill. Can hardly wait to get them down. This one is so worn and the other so spotted and I can’t get it clean any more.

(This is the 1st reference Ruth makes to feeling "bum"; which is generally how she describes it when she doesn't feel well. I assume the rugs are for the front room and the dinning room, which made up half of the 1st floor of the house. The other part of the 1st floor included the kitchen and a bedroom with a bathroom connecting those two rooms. There was also a small pantry off the kitchen and from the dining room, one could go out to a small porch that led to the back door. It had a wooden screen door on it, which made a loud "slap" sound when you let it close on its own, like most wooden screen doors. I know her grandkids did that a lot, I assume her kids did the same.)

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