Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Saturday, February 21, 1925

Saturday, February 21, 1925
Of course it had to rain so we didn’t get the yard cleaned. Still pretty tired today. I must be careful and not do too much any one day again so I can keep going. I just feel fine if I don’t overdo myself. Have no symptoms of pregnancy although have missed twice now except I feel rather weak and tired at times, but I do that often anyway.

(Rain, rain go away! Ruth seems to take more interest in the outside of appearance of the house and yard than Gilbert does. (I know that from reading ahead in the diary.) It's too bad she couldn't get the boys outside to help out on this day... remember they are all age 7 and under at this point... how much help could they be? Anyone, I don't know exactly how their yard looked in 1925. They had a small front yard that sloped down to the sidewalk, split in the middle with a front walk which lead up to the front porch. The side yards were not particularly wide, perhaps wide enough for two people to walk side by side without being in the neighbor's yard. On the shady north side, Ruth had a large patch of Lily of the Valley and some August Lilies (hostas). I'm not sure if there was anything on the other side, other than a sidewalk that led to the back yard. The back yard was fenced in (wire and wood fence, at least in the 70's. They had at the least a cherry tree, perhaps an apple tree.)

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