Thursday, February 16, 2006

Monday, February 16, 1925

Monday, February 16, 1925
Warm and springlike

Washed today and hung the clothes outdoors for the first time. Was too tired to scrub after I got done and the house cleaned up. Something is sapping my strength surely but I can hardly realize I am pregnant. However, I suppose I am and I will realize it before the 9 months are out. Gilbert brought me some Vegex to help strengthen me.

Oddly enough, today 02/16/2005 was also a warm and springlike day in Indianapolis with temperatures in the 60's.. However, we had a threat of rain in the afternoon and strong winds, so it probably wasn't a good day to hang clothes outside to dry. Ruth did laundry nearly every day, and if she couldn't hang the clothes outside because of weather, she hung them in the attic to dry. The attic was a long narrow room tucked under the eaves off of one of the upstairs bedrooms. I remember it as a dark, scary place where there was also a long box that we imagined was about the size of a coffin. No, we didn't open it to see what was inside!

Today, I live in a neighborhood with covenants that don't allow you to hang any laundry outside, so even if I wanted that "dried outdoor fresh scent" on my sheets, I'm sure a neighbor or two would complain if I tried it! And, because everyone heat their homes with coal or coke in the 20's in Indianapolis, I don't think Ruth's clothes were all that "fresh" after hanging outside in the winter-time.

I'm not sure what she planned to scrub after cleaning up the house, but do know she never felt like the housework was done, no matter how much she did in a day or how hard she worked at it. Partly, she felt like the four boys messed it up right away and were in and out of the house playing and dragging in all kinds of dirt and mud with them.

What was Vegex? I am guessing it was some kind of mixture of vegetable juices. I think, especially in the winter, they didn't get a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

By the way, Ruth was right, she was pregnant with her 5th child.

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  1. vegex was a tonic that people took, sort of like we take vitamins. Poor woman, pregnant and already taking care of 4 boys and what seemed to be a husband who didn't do much around the house. She is truly amazing