Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Friday, February 20, 1925

Friday, February 20, 1925

Too tired from my walking yesterday to do much today. A lovely spring like day and the yard needs cleaning but I am afraid to over do myself. Planned to get all the boys at it tomorrow. Been doing the daily reading recommended by the “Pocket University” and am getting much knowledge and pleasure out of it.

(I think the Pocket University was a series of books she subscribed to and received periodically. I think she considered it somewhat of a luxury item. She tried to find 10 minutes a day to read in the "pocket university" to try to keep her mind sharp. Ruth did attend at least one year of college at Butler University before she left to get married. One of my cousins commented that she was a very intelligent woman and if living in a different time, (as in now) she probably would have finished her college education and had more of a career. I'm not sure what she was studying in college before she left. )

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