Monday, December 25, 2006

Friday, December 25, 1925

Friday, December 25, 1925
Snow, colder

A lovely Christmas Day. Enough snow to give us a white Christmas and then cleared up. Bess came out. Dad was here and the boys made Merry. After dinner Fred McCullough came to see Bess and brought a five lb. fox of chocolates. We had so much candy and nuts so of course ate too much all but Gilbert who suffered with heartburn and stomach off.

(Grandma recorded at the end of her "book of remembrance" what she got everyone for Christmas. Here's the list:

Christmas Gifts

Dad – socks
Nell – towel set
Mike – handerkerchiefs
Bess – towel set
Aunt Janey – apron
Robert – table croquet
Papa – tie
Mama – lamp
Guy – socks
Ella – towel set
Mildred – bloomers
Onarga – bloomers
Bob – horse shoe game
Don – auto
Bur – socks

Ethel – towel set
Harry Jr. – horse shoe game
Harry – socks
Winifred- handerkerchiefs and garters
Gilbert – desk
Dale – pencil, gun, filecase
Dick - pencil, gun, filecase,
Albert – pencil, gun, filecase
Ned – Kiddy Kar

Nothing was listed next to Marjorie's name, so I assume because she was just a few months old, they didn't bother with presents for her.

And here is what Grandma wrote about what she received from others:

Christmas presents received:

From Gilbert – beautiful table lamp. Mama – runner. Mildred – ship book ends. All of which transform my table to a thing of beauty. Onarga – Pyrex pie plate. Guy – gloves. Bess – stockings. Aunt Hattie – towel. Jessie – handkerchiefs. Dale – cooking spoon and dish and writing book made at school. Dick – beefsteak pounder with card on it written “To Ruth from Dick”. Albert – pretty peach colored handkerchief.

It sounds like they had what we would call an "old-fashioned Christmas", with snow, family, a few gifts and lots of sweets.

If you would like to see a picture of a nativity set made of felt and pipe cleaners given by Albert to Eleanor sometime in the 1940's, go to May Dreams Gardens, where I've posted a picture of it

Merry Christmas to all!)


  1. sister with the homestead10:42 AM, December 25, 2006

    I'm so disappointed that she didn't mention how Gilbert liked the desk......

  2. I wonder what the bloomers looked like?

  3. I wonder what the bloomers looked like?

  4. I was just thinking about what the sister wrote. I remember the Grama really regretting the desk...