Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thursday, December 3, 1925

Thursday, December 3, 1925

I ironed all morning. Then took the three little ones to the Kindergarten mothers’ meeting. Had a nice time. They all behaved even Marjorie, who made lots of admirers. I won the prize, a book of Mother Goose rhymes, for a guessing game. Took the bus and the street car to go but walked home and carried Marjorie.

(This would be for Albert's kindergarten class. Apparently, the kindergarten class did meet at the elementary school. Marjorie wrote, " I wonder if Albert's kindergarten was the same place Eleanor went, acorss 16th St., from the Community House at Brookside Park? Bus and streetcar meant it was probably a long walk home."

This further confuses me because previously Grandma wrote about sending Albert (age 5) there on his own. I would hope those were short bus/street car rides, so that the walk home wasn't as far as we might think.)

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