Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wednesday, December 9, 1925

Wednesday, Decemer 9, 1925
Cold and cloudy

Went to P.T.A. at the school, left the children all at home. Marjorie didn’t sleep as I expected but the boys wheeled her and fed her a bottle and I guess didn’t have much trouble to keep her from crying. Ned is nearly sick with a cold today and Marjorie’s eyes are still bad.

(I assume Grandma was not gone for long. Dale, the oldest is 9 years old. Today, we would not leave 5 children ages 9 - newborn home alone. Is it because the world is not so safe now as it might have appeared to be in the 1920's or because children are not so mature?)


  1. What I don't understand is, she seemed more worried about leaving the baby with Gilbert than with the 4 young boys.I do know that Gilbert was an extremely capable man at the time. In fact Mother commented at one time that he would have been perfectly happy if he only had had only one daughter.

  2. I would imagine the boys were used to being around the baby and knew the routine better than Gilbert who was usually at work all day. Not to mention that "back in the day" fathers were not as involved in parenting as they are today. For that matter, even 20 years ago they weren't!