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Saturday, December 26, 1925

Saturday, December 26, 1925
Cold, wind

Dad left in the middle of the afternoon and Alva Farguar called up just after he left announcing that Nell had twin girls born last evening. We were surprised, not expected till next month and so relieved for Nell is 41 and we were afraid she would have a hard time. All doing well, he said. Was too excited over it to work well but managed to wash and send Dale and Dick over to Mama’s with presents.

(Nell was Gilbert's sister. Grandma wrote the following in her family history:

"In November 1924, Nell married Mike Kelly and helped him make a home for his step-son Robert Wray. On Christmas day 1925, she gave birth to twin daughters, Martha Caroline and Katherine Louise. They moved from Crawfordsville, and lived in several farm homes while the girls grew up. When they were ready to graduate from high school, they were living in Brown County (IN), and the twins graduated from Trafalgar High School. They had prepared themselves to do office work and both obtained jobs at the State House so they both worked in Indianapolis... (Nell) died of cancer of the breast April 11, 1950" The twins, Martha and Louise, both married, and had children and are still living.

It appears that Grandma did not have a Christmas celebration with her own parents, and just sent the boys with the gifts. I suppose this may have been because they saw them more often, and it was probably a special day when Gilbert's father came to visit from Crawfordsville. Today, it seems like people have three and four and more Christmas celebrations with family to make sure they see everyone.)

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  1. Now that I think about it I don't remember my grandmother being with us at Christmas until WWII, altho my grandfather (Ruth's) father died a few months before I was born.