Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sunday, December 20, 1925

Sunday, December 20, 1925

Went to Sunday School and took Ned. The other three had gone ahead. Gilbert stayed home with Marjorie. Saw Mrs. Wheeler and paid for my Christmas cards. Then I wrote the cards in the evening and got them ready to mail. Then Dale and I made candy and decided about Dick and the box he looked into. Of course, I had to stick to my threat, but don’t want to spoil Dick’s fun so decided not to set out more in it so he can have some kinds.

(Sounds like Grandma decided not to let Dick have any of the candy he found yesterday, but was going to let him have any new candy made since then.

Here's another family candy recipe:

Karo Caramels

2 cups granulated sugar

1 3/4 cups white Karo syrup

2 cups cream

1 cup butter (or margerine)

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup chopped nuts

Cook karo, sugar, half the cream and butter together. When it boils stir in the rest of the cream slowly, but do not allow boiling to cease. Test for a firm ball in cold water (246 degrees). Add vanilla and nut meats. Turn into a buttered metal pan (9" x 13"). When cold, cut into cubes and wrap into little squares of wax paper. I use a 4 quart pan and stir occasionally as it cooks.

Marjorie wrote,"When we were little we helped wrap the caramels. John Morgan asked Mother how she kept us from eating the candy as we wrapped. She laughed and said we watched each other, and no kid would allow a brother or sister to eat anything that he or she couldn't have himself."


  1. sister with the homestead7:03 AM, December 20, 2006

    If you stir, make sure not to scrape down the sides.

  2. marjorie & I are still making caramels for Christmas. One of my favorites.


  3. OK Eleanor (AKA: MOM)
    Admit it -- you are not making candy, you are sitting at the table supervising your daughter and granddaughter to make candy!

  4. I make my caramels in the microwave. Sure makes it easier as I don't have to stir very much. No cream in mine, though.