Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sunday, December 27, 1925

Sunday, December 27, 1925
Cold and Clear

Cold wave and we slept late and found the fire burned out. Had a cold time till we got another one started. Got 3 boys off to Sunday School then nursed the fire and got started to Mama’s at noon. All were there but Harry. Had a fine dinner and Mrs. Santa Claus (Mildred) distributed gifts upstairs by the tree. I was well remembered and the boys got lots of nice toys.

(Earlier I posted that I thought Grandma hadn't celebrated Christmas with her parents because she sent the two older boys over there with gifts. I guess I was wrong, and they did get together for a Christmas celebration.

I can't imagine a coke (coal) furnace, and having to constantly add more coke to keep a fire going all through the winter. That must have been tedious, and a somewhat dirty job. I'm reminded of the movie "A Christmas Story" and the scene where Ralphie's father, "the old man", is down in their basement, cursing the furnace, and comes up all covered with soot.)

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