Monday, December 04, 2006

Friday, December 4, 1925

Friday, December 4, 1925

Had planned all fall on going to the bazaar at the church but it was so rainy I gave it up and ironed till 2:30 when the sun came out and I packed up the kids and went. As soon as we go there, Ned began to cry. He never let up until I carried him. I tried to see the things. I wanted to do some Christmas shopping, but gave up and came home with Nola Peggs and found later his shoe tongue was wrinkled and hurt him.

(Still so much ironing. Grandma never seemed to be done with ironing.

It was nice that Grandma and the kids (which I assume is Ned and Marjorie) got a ride home with someone instead of having to walk or take the bus. I can imagine Grandma trying to carry a two-year old and a baby. Maybe Nola helped with the baby, too?)


  1. Carol, when you were a few months old, we had company. You cried and fussed all day. After the company left and I was undressing you I found out your little toes were curled up inside your shoe, When I took your shoes off, you were just fine & ready to go. Of course by that time I was worn out and ready for bed.

  2. Just in case Nola is remembered by Eleanor and Marjorie:

    Nola [maiden name probably TAYLOR] PEGGS, born about 1889 in Indiana, married to Joseph H. PEGGS [born October 1881 in Indiana], marriage about 1910. Joseph was a bookkeeper and auditor at the Singer Sewing Maching Company, 602 Traction Bldg., Indianapolis.

    Joseph & Nola PEGGS lived at 1503 N LaSalle St. with their daughters Mary Eleanor, born around 1913 and Clara, born around 1924. So Nola may have been toting a baby around that day, too!

    Also with the Peggs were Nola's widowed mother, Mary TAYLOR, born Indiana about 1860, and another woman who may have been a relative, Ella WILLIAMS [but married and listed as Ella BALES? or BATES? in 1930], born about 1867. Ella was also a bookkeeper at a Sewing Machine Company. On the 1910 census, Joseph is with his own widowed mother, Clara PEGGS. Maybe the daughters were named after the grandmothers.

    There was another Joseph PEGGS living in Indianapolis... he was just a few years younger, with a wife named Julia.