Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunday, December 6, 1925

Sunday, December 6, 1925
Cold and cloudy

Dale and Dick went to Sunday School and Gilbert and I cleaned the house and babies up and then went to the folks for dinner. The boys cut up Jack so we brought them home early. They prefer teasing Winifred and never gave her one moment’s peace. Ned took a shine to the Edison and wanted me to keep it going. We had our pictures taken.

(We've already determined that "cut up Jack" or "tear up jack" which is in other diary entries means they made a mess of things. Marjorie said Grandma used to say that a lot. I would guess with four active boys, it was as good a description as any for how they played.

The Edison is a hand-cranked record player. It is still in the family, but needs some repair, which we will take care of over the holidays.

Getting your picture taken in the 1920's was an event and I have posted one of the pictures that I believe was taken on this day, at this link. This is also the first picture of Marjorie as a baby that I am aware of. You would have to just a magnifying glass to see her in this family photo!

And, regular readers will recall Winifred, Harry's daughter. Her picture is at this link.


  1. sister with the homestead6:23 PM, December 06, 2006

    Gilbert looks really tall in this picture. Do you know how tall he was?

  2. Carol, on the World War One Draft registration card Gilbert's physical description reads: Tall, medium build, blue eyes, light brown hair, slightly balding, Right limb disabled.

    So he was tall to the US Government, too.
    This particular registration took place on June 5, 1917.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Thank you, Annie. I am also going to check with my mom to see if she or my aunt remember how tall he was. I would say from the picture he is over 6 feet tall.