Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wednesday, December 16, 1925

Wednesday, December 16, 1925

Coated my peppermints then made a batch of pink and lavender fondant that I made into creams with nuts on them. Let Dale in on the secret at noon and so after the others went to bed we made a batch of plain vanilla. Dick saw the box on the top pantry shelf and started to look in, so I told him if he did he’d not get any of the contents.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote that Dick was the candy lover in the family!)

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  1. I never had luck with the peppermint fondant, it always ended up grainy. Now I can make other flavors of fondant just fine, which makes me wonder if is the peppermint that does the dirty work. I can also make fudges, cinnamon candy and other creamy types without a problem. Do you know the secret to making a smooth candy without the grainy texture? Never, ever scrape down the sides of the pan as it is cooking. It's the little granuals that stick to the sides of the pan that turns it grainy.