Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday, September 17, 1926

Friday, September 17, 1926
Fair and warm

Such a day! Ned was so restless and feverish from 1:30 last night and still had such a diarrhea with bloody stools. He cried for me to hold him all day and Marjorie who is about to get two “butter teeth” through would cry when I took him. She didn’t sleep much but wanted to be nursed so much of the time. Mama came over and helped me or I never would have got through. Finally washed out their clothes but that’s all. Marjorie is about as near well as she will be till she’s through teething I imagine. A little Dickens she is. But pour little Ned, so sick!!

(With Ned so sick, perhaps his was food poisoning?)

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  1. Butter teeth? Must be the front teeth. Ned must definitely have had something serious to have bloody stools