Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunday, September 12, 1926

Sunday, September 12, 1926
Cloudy and cool

My darling baby sick, she took such a diarrhea and she had high fever all day. She’s never been this way before. She is usually such a romp but today she only lays in my arms. Mama met the boys at Sunday school and took Ned out of their care for his birthday candle ceremony. Albert got his silver star at last although he should have had it months ago. Sent the boys to the picture show in the afternoon to have it quiet for the baby. They are too peppy to keep still here with nothing to do.

(Does anyone know what the birthday candle ceremeon at Sunday School was all about, or what a 'silver star' was for?

And to think that the diapers were not disposable and all had to be washed up.)

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  1. Just a guess, but I imagine the candle ceremony celebrated his birthday, & maybe the silver star was for attendance.