Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunday, September 19, 1926

Sunday, September 19, 1926
Fair and warm

Would be a good day to get out if the children were all well. Gilbert and I both having a little bowel trouble. Papa came out to see Ned and left a tonic for the rest of us. Ned seemed brighter this PM and played a little. So afraid he will over do himself again. Sent the boys to the show again for the sake of a little peace. Don’t like to do it. Don’t want them to feel they are in the way, here at home. But this is an unusual situation as I have not slept only little snatches at a time all week and am awfully nervous and done up.

(It was a rough few days with sick children, but now it seems others were starting to get sick, too.)

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  1. sister with the homestead7:49 AM, September 19, 2007

    I vote food poisoning