Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thursday, September 2, 1926

Thursday, September 2, 1926

Had tomatoes to can but had to buy cans. Have some juice to make jelly in some cans and if the weather were fit could make that up but cloudy days do not make good jelly. Canned 5 qts of plums and some tomatoes about 13 qts. After supper I ran down town on the bus to get Gilbert some more asthmador.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "I wonder if Mother had to go to Grandpa's office to get asthmador or did she go to the drugstore at Meridian and Ohio Street where they made up medicines from Grandpa's recipes sometimes?"

I wish we still had copies of those old recipes that Dr. Rolla Campbell had for making medicines, not to make them but just to see what kinds of ingredients he used.

Grandma is doing a lot of canning these late summer days. I don't know why "cloudy days do not make good jelly", is that "for real" or just an old wives' tale?)


  1. Not making jelly on a hot humid day is not an old wives tale. In that kind of atmosphere it would take a long time to set up. If you get hot & sweaty on that kind of day certain foods (plus other things) get hot & sweaty. It's not as bad with an air-conditioned home, but if you try to make candy that needs to be beaten, you will beat twice as long to get it set up. So she had a definite reason for not trying to make jelly on a humid day.
    Also, tho her diaries end before 1929, she had her second daughter on Sept. 2, 1929, which happened to be labor day that year. Her second daughter was me, Eleanor June Smith. If she kept diaries up to and thru 1929, they have disappeared or she had quit keeping up with her writing. We have no idea.

  2. sister with the homestead7:48 PM, September 02, 2007

    Happy 78th Birthday Eleanor!

  3. The same thing goes for candy making. Should not do it on cloudy days.