Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monday, September 20, 1926

Monday, September 20, 1926

Dick didn’t feel a bit well when he got up this AM but the thought never entered his mind that he might stay home from school, he had not been absent for two years. But at noon he was real sick, fever and dysentery like Ned so of course gave up school but felt he had to take his papers, though I know he shouldn’t have gone. Albert too insisted he was sick but I wasn’t so sure about him. He doesn’t like to go to school very well. However I let him stay at home and I doctored him too, for it is only just to give the benefit of the doubt. Cleaned the bedroom and moved back upstairs.

(Whatever they had that was making them sick seemed to be affecting others in the family.

For someone who didn't like school, Albert sure went to a lot of school including college and then another four years of theological studies to become a Jesuit priest. Or was it eight more years of school after college? Dick eventually went to enough school to get his PhD in philosophy.)

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