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Thursday, September 9, 1926

Thursday, September 9, 1926

Big rain last night. It just poured down for several hours. Of course it laid Gilbert up again. He didn’t go to work at all today. The folks are still having visitors and Aunt Mat. Posy and Mama all came over this afternoon before I got my ironing done. So I still have some to do. Ned is three years old today. I made fudge while Dale went down town to get him some toys. I sent Dick to buy a cake as I would have no time to make one when I found the folks were coming. He got two halves – all Anderson had and they were molded.

(According to Marjorie, Dan Anderson owned the grocery store two blocks down the street from them. I hope they didn't eat the moldy cake!)

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  1. This was a time before big supermarkets. Dan Anderson's store was privately owned & we would go there all the time & he just put it on our bill. He knew all of us & counted the Smith family as good customers