Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saturday, September 11, 1926

Saturday, September 11, 1926

Cleaned up the house then went down town with Dale to get him some shoes and myself a new dress. Dick took care of Marjorie. She loves him and he adores her. She cried and he rocked her and had put her to sleep when we got back. We met Miss Donnan in the store and talked a few minutes with her. I was glad Dale saw her she is such a character.

(Aunt Marjorie noted that Dick was about seven and a half years older than she was, which means he was about eight and half years old when he took care of her on this day. She did not know who Miss Donnan was, perhaps she was a teacher or someone from church. And I wonder what made Miss Donnan "such a character"? We will never know.

And we may never know who, but I suspect that based on the "hits" counter for this blog, someone found it yesterday and read the whole thing. Normally, this blog gets about 30 hits per day, I assume mostly from readers who come by and read the current post each morning to find out what was going on 81 years ago. I am curious about yesterday, when there were 319 hits. "Come out come out, whoever you are!" Leave a comment and let me know how you found this blog and what you think of it. Are you a long-lost cousin perhaps? Or if you would prefer not to leave a comment, email me at mdg_blog AT comcast DOT net.)

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  1. Too many Donnans in Indianapolis to be sure of this, Carol, but there's a chance it was one of three unmarried sisters living on the 200 block of north Capitol Ave in 1920:
    Emma Donnan b about 1860, a teacher, Laura Donnan b abt 1870, a teacher, and Carrie Donnan, b abt 1850, and not working at age 70. Guess any one of them could have been a character!