Friday, September 28, 2007

Tuesday, September 28, 1926

Tuesday, September 28, 1926

Mama came out and kept the babies while I went to a missionary meeting at Grace’s. Nola Pegg took me, and I had such a nice time. It seemed as if people were more friendly there than they are at the class meetings. Maybe it is imagination but it seems as if they are a little bit “snippy” and “clannish” in the class. I suppose if such is the case I should appoint myself s a committee of one to see that no other poor member is “left in the cold” but I feel a little self-conscious myself because I am always about the poorest dressed one there.

(Grandma's social life seemed to be centered around her church and Sunday School class.)

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  1. Many women of this era built their social life around the church. In doing research for our church, 130 years old, I found two women's groups who stayed together for 50 years, being friends and doing work for the community.