Thursday, April 26, 2007

Monday, April 26, 1926

Monday, April 26, 1926

Got up early and washed got done by noon and ironed some in the afternoon but was so tired by supper I don’t know whether it pays or not.

(Eleanor wrote, "Sounds like she could have used some household help. I'm always exhausted after reading about her work day."

My other grandmother, who lived on a working farm in southern Indiana, had a hired girl who came and helped with cooking and all, especially during the summers when they were canning food.)

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  1. Your country grandmother also raised thousands of baby chicks to sell. She had to have someone in the house to be with the children while she watered and fed all the chicks twice a day.
    Also your grandfather sold chicken feed to many farmers' wives who raised chickens for extra money. Every week he would travel his route buying the eggs and selling the feed. Then your grandmother would "candle the eggs" and sell the fertilized eggs to the hatchery so they in turn could sell them and the rest of the eggs were sold to eat. She also did all the bookwork for this business. So you can see why she needed an extra set of hands to keep the family of six boys fed and clothed.