Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunday, April 18, 1926

Sunday, April 18, 1926
Fair and warmer

Papa and Mama came over for dinner. Winifred was to have come too but Mable arrived from Memphis at 11:35 and Winifred had to go home with her as she was so tired. She has been there since the first of the month, where she applied for a divorce and custody of Winifred. It seems to me if she is as bad as Harry makes out, she ought not be allowed to have Winifred if he thinks as much of her as he lets on. The boys went out and were rolling down the long ladder in the barrel my dishes came in and Dale tore his good clothes so Gilbert got them in and give them a whipping.

(Harry was Grandma's brother, Mable was his wife and Winifred was their daughter. I think later Harry ended up with Winifred, but I'm not sure how it all worked out that way. I know that Winifred joined the Army during WWII and married a solder, who was killed in the war. She was pregnant when she was given the news of her husband's death, and ended up in labor, giving birth to twin boys. She and her father, Harry, ended up raising the two boys.

It sounds like my uncles were quite the daredevils as young boys. I can't believe they got in the barrel and rolled down a ladder in it. What were they thinking!?

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Mother had said that this was the only time Daddy ever spanked his kids, as he felt so bad about it afterward. Mother did the spanking and didn't believe in leaving the discipline to children - not fair to Dads having to be the "bad guy". ... I have heard not too many nice things about Aunt Mabel, but I always liked her and she was good to me. Mother always had good relationships with Mabel. Besides, I remember the beautiful flower garden she had in Irvington when I was young. Mabel taught Winifred the lovely needlecraft work they were both masters of.")


  1. What a fun post. I love the part about the kids getting a whipping for tearing their pants!

  2. The boys sound like the inspiration for the Our Gang comedies - combining barrels, boxes and ladders to make their adventure land.